“I wished someone else’s moving experiences could have guided my own”

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The first time…

When I was a fresh and enthusiastic post-grad, I accepted a job offer in Paris. I didn’t know the city at all, or anyone there; I didn’t know where to live or how to find a place to live. I was attracted by the sense of adventure but, in reality, I was also terrified. It was such a relief that the services of a local relocation agency were included in my employment package. Through a series of calls and meetings, the lady I worked with not only became a friendly face and someone I could call, she also laid the foundations for a Paris adventure that was set to last over a decade.

On the move again…

Fast forward 12 years and I was moving internationally again. This time, the destination was London; however, we were a family of four and our needs were completely different. I had school runs and proximity to parks on my radar, rather than shopping and socialising. We were keen to maintain a bilingual lifestyle for our family, but we had no idea how to create that.

I researched working with a relocation agency but I either didn’t get a response or their prices were prohibitive. This time, we were going it alone – every piece of the puzzle and every question (and there were hundreds!) had to be researched and answered by us.  

It was a long process and, at times, lonely. I wasn’t sure that we were making the best decisions for our family and juggling our existing jobs and life in Paris with our move to London was very stressful. On so many occasions, I wished that I had someone to point us in the right direction, someone to listen to what we needed and to help us find solutions – I needed someone else’s experiences to guide our own.

Combining my career in Client Management with my own international moving experiences and my knowledge of London, I created Le Moving. My mission is to make working with a relocation agency a “must have” instead of a “nice to have”. 

~ Emily Crehan, Founder of Le Moving Relocations

“We moved to London from Zurich and Emily helped us out with admin, plus finding a daycare for our daughter and a flat. Having Emily along in this small adventure of ours was so essential. It’s hard to find the words to say how much that is true. I remember walking around the area we had spotted as a key one for us thinking “How lovely it would be to live here!”. Thanks to Emily, that is exactly what we managed to do, and more. Besides giving great advice and being key in the search for the right flat and the background liaisons necessary to secure it, Emily just had the great, constant reassurance that we could manage what we wanted to acheive. We had moved countries a number of times before, so the whole ordeal was not new to us. However, doing it as a family with a small child was an entirely different experience and Emily took away so muchof the stress that came with taking even the smallest decision. I couldn’t recommend her more! Professional, kind, responsive, friendly… Went the extra mile and gave the extra smile. Truly indispensable!”. Federica & family, from Switzerland.

“My arrival to London was made much easier by Emily’s support. She had already organised appartment visits for my first day which meant I found accommodation quickly. Emily was attentive and helped me during the whole process; she really understands what people are looking for as they arrive in a new city. I can recommend her services”. Sophie, from France.

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