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Le Moving  is an independent, boutique relocation agency in London, offering  you a range of bespoke relocation and settling-in services.

Maybe you have landed a new job, or maybe you are returning after an expatriation, or you might even be making your childhood dream come true by starting anew.  Whatever the reason for your upcoming move, this amazing city is about to become your new home. Whether you are moving with your family, as a couple or on your own, ensure that you get the best start in your new life thanks to our range of tailormade relocation services, including:

~ Researching and recommending the best neighbourhoods for you to live in,

~ Finding your new home according to your criteria,

~ Supporting you through the rental process,

~ Connecting your household utilities and getting you settled-in,

~ Advising on school and nursery choices and assisting with registrations,

~ Helping to find nannies, babysitters, cleaners…

~ Kick-starting your social life with networking groups, sports clubs, activities and hobbies…

~ Guiding you through the cross-cultural transition.

Thanks to our first-hand, expert knowledge of the city and suburbs, Le Moving is your eyes and ears on the ground – indeed, we work hard to prepare your new life before you’ve even touched down. Our mission is to provide a unique and personalised experience that guarantees that your move goes as smoothly as possible.


Check out my story to read more about our philosophy. 


Why Choose Le Moving?

⇒  You save time. Let us handle the nitty gritty aspects of your move; all the worries and the stresses. Thereby giving you time to concentrate on the fun stuff.

⇒  You save money.  Avoid expensive and frequent trips  as you prepare for your move. If you are moving to London for a new job, you’ll be relaxed and well-organised, meaning you’re less likely to require time off.

⇒  Support before, during AND after your move. When you check-in to your new home, we don’t check-out. We remain on-hand for help and guidance – for as long as you or your family need it.

⇒  Our personalised approach. Every moving project is unique. We get to know you and your family and we actually care about who you are and why you’re moving to London. In-depth, face-to-face interviews and regular catch-ups allow us to understand intimately what you’re looking for and we strive to help you create it.

⇒ No commitment. Get in touch to tell us about your moving project; we’ll talk through your options without making you commit to anything at all. Feel free to walk away!

how it works


A no-obligation assessment allows us to fully understand the scope of your project and to make our recommendations


You select the services most adapted for your project. All packages are tailored individually so you are sure to get the best fit – from home search assistance, to settling-in services and school help


Your dedicated consultant thoroughly prepares for your arrival. Regular contact gives you perfect visibility and opportunity to feedback.


home search

Finding the right property is key to feeling at home. We are completely independent, meaning you are guaranteed access to the entire rental market.

Research and recommendation of the best neighbourhoods,

Home search and presentation of suggested properties,

Virtual visits of desirable properties to make the best use of your time,

Organisation of accompanied viewing day to visit your chosen properties,

  Assistance throughout the rental process: liaising with the estate agency and organising your check-in.


Let us manage the time-consuming administrative jobs that need to be done when you arrive.

✓ Opening bank accounts,

Setting-up your home (connecting to utilities, Internet and mobile phone packages, registering for Council tax…),

✓ Registering with health-care professionals,

✓ Organising membership to sports clubs, activities or hobbies,

✓ Connecting you and your family with local networking groups,

 Assisting with finding nannies, babysitters, cleaners, language tutors etc…

school help

Moving with a young family and navigating a new educational system can be particularly stressful; our valuable advice means you make the best-informed decisions.

Explanation of the various educational systems available to you,

✓  Research & recommendation of schools and/or nurseries,

✓  Organisation of any visits,

✓  Assistance with the registration process.

my story

Emily Crehan

“When I moved to London from Paris, it was as a family of four and our needs were completely different (…It was a long process and, at times, lonely (…) My experiences have proved that feeling at home is about more than finding a property to rent. It’s about building the foundations of your new life (…)”

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